Chilla night

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I want to have a look at the Chilla festival from another point of view that is not mentioned in some articles for some unscientific reasons at all.
As you know, the word "Chilla" is more faimous than "Yalda" in Azerbayjan. Chilla is a Turkish word according to some linguists and writers such as Shahmarasi and Naser Manzuri.
The equivalence of the word "Winter" in Azeri Turkish language and some other Turkic languages is "Gish" . Winter season has two months in it's special meaning in Azerbayjan that are called "Chilla". Chilla begins after the morning of Chilla night or" Yalda night" in Azerbayjan. Chilla has been originated from the Turkish verb "chilmak" means "to stretch" or continuing over a period of time. Another meaning of this verb is "to become mad". This season is divided in to two parts that are called "buyuk Chilla" that means big or long Chilla. (from the beginning of Day to 10th Bahman month or 22 December to 30 January) and "kichik chillə" that means small or short Chilla. (from the 11th to 30th Bahman month or 31 January to 19 February). According to Azerbayjan peoples' beliefs, the weather, it's coldness or hotness, and the kinds of coldness in two Chilla month are different which have very beautiful interpretations in Azerbayjan culture. Some different celebrations are usually held at the end of Chilla. One of them is "Chilla gechdi" means "Chilla escaped". İn different parts of İran a celebration like this is held that is called "Chilla bedar". For example Gashqai people celebrate it.
After the end of big or long and small or short Chilla, the last month of winter begins that has different names such as " bayram ayı, ala Chilla, Boz ay and some other names in Azerbayjan.

A. Dehgani
Researcher and English teacher 

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